10,thru 30 Reunion Photos

10th Reunion


20th Reunion




25th Reunion

Doug, Valerie (Hill), Hillary and Dustin Arp. Easter 1994

Muscatine's Finest - Ralph Strong

Barbara (Klien) Munska with Andy, Emily and husband Jim

Gary and Judy (Mull) Meyers with Greg

Mike and Nancy Tometich

Carol Birkhoffer, Diane Marley and Pat Tiecke

30th reunion

Pat Tiecke, Diane Marley and Rebecca Beeding

Barb Letherby, Pat Tiecke, Carol Birkhoffer, Mrytle and Kathy Ludman

Barb Letherby, Kathy Ludman, Pat Tiecke and Mrytle

  Carolyn Jamison, Vicki Worst, Diane Marley, Ken Ramer, Pat Tiecke, and Nancy Pearlman

Diane Marley, Nancy Garrison, Pat Tiecke and Vicki Worst

Pat Tiecke and (Help)

Pat Tiecke and Diane Bunker

Carolyn Jamison, Vicki Worst, Diane Marley, Ken Ramer, Pat Tiecke, Rebeeca Beeding and Nancy Pearlman

Bill Albright, Alvin Schreuers, Rebecca Beding, Pat Tiecke, Barb Leaherby, Nancy Pearlman and Vickie Worst

Mrtyle on the Gambling Bus

35th Reunion

Janice Mosier, Rick Whittaker, Mary Peck, Ann Jackson and Cathy Chandler

Spouse, Greg Emlet, Janice Mosier, Mary Peck, Cathy Chandler, Rick Whittaker, Elly Beechum and Ann Jackson

Dan Colschen, Dave Awbry, Mary Peck, Deb Cohn and Rose Jewett

Big Group

Shirley Roudybush, Dan Peterson, Deb Cohn and Cathy Chandler

Cathy Chandler, Deb Cohn and Becky Fear

Terri Waltman and Karen Burmeister

Donna Seligman, Shawn Bersch, Janice Mosier, Vallerie Hill and Doug Arp

Rose Jewett, Deb Cohn, Diane Cooney and Janice Mosier

Rose Jewett, Deb Cohn, Diane Cooney, Janice Mosier and Cathy Chandler

Mary Tobias, Dave Awbry, Karen Hazen, Janice Mosier, Jerry Morgan and Mary Peck

Group Dance (Rose Jewett, Karen Hazen and Cathy Chandler)

Get Down Deb and Shwan?

Backgground: Mary Peck, Barb Leatherby, Ellie Beechum and (?)

Becky Fear , Shawn Bersch, Elli Beechum, Ann Jackson, Diane Cooney & Rose Mary Kerschenske

Karen Hazen and Jan Mosier

Jan Mosier, Deb Cohn, Mary Spencer and Ann jackson

Don Drahos and Greg Emlet

Dave Awvry, Karen Hazen and Pat Furlong

Debby Furlong and Jerry Morgan

40th Reunion

Reunion Committe Photos

Jane Ellsworth and Ellie Beechum at Ellie's Tea Shop

Rose Jewett, Jane Ellsworth, Ellie Beechum, Sare Seyb, Carol Scott and Shirley Roudybush

Ellie, Sara, Carol and Shirley

Donna Seligman and Rose Jewett

Rose, "Lucky" Rick Whittaker (only guy and only beer) and Jane

Sara, Carol and Shirley


Mike Richardson, Ken Kranz, Bob Davis and Tony Viner


Judy Mull (Meyer) and Bob Williamson


Rod Reynolds, Rick Buster and Denny Kurriger

Cindy Warren (Wilkes), Laurie Lanfier, Cliff Lanfier and Bob Wilkes

Sara Seyb (Phelan) and Bill Phelan

Tom Welk, Mary Spencer, Jim Stein and wife

Debbie Killian And Significant Other