45 Year Reunion



The first pictures are in for the 45th Reunion!!!


Friday Night at Mississippi Brewing Co:

Kate Teraberry, Deb Cohn (Back) and Greg Emlet

Rick and Rose Whittaker & Denny Jens (class of 70)

Connie Krueger and Terri Beeman

Gary Lange (guest) and Connie Krueger

Greg Emlet, Bob Williamson (Back) and Elly Beechum

Diane Marley, Barbara Letherby, Terri Beeman and Connie Krueger

Dean Stange, Tom Welk and Diane "Myrt" Marley

Sue Edmonsun, Bill Weber, Pat Pagel and Linda-Sue Lohse

Marv Logel, Jerry Morgan, Tony Viner and Greg Emlet

Vicki Worst, Deb Cohn, Kate Teraberry, Connie Krueger and Barbara Letherby

Jerry Morgan, Bill Weber and Marv Logel

Judy Hoffman, Myrt Marley, Pay Tiecke, Rose and Rick Whittaker

Ann Jackson, Vicki Worst, Judy Hoffman, Myrt Marley and Pat Tiecke

Left to right best I can: Greg Emlet, Bill Weber, Jerry Morgan, Tony Viner, Tony Gaeta, Kate Terberry, Dan Petersen, Connie Krueger, Judy Mull, Tom Welk, Barb Letherby, Valerie Hill, Diane Myrt Marley, Beth Ratcliff, Ann Jackson, Harry Koch, Marv Logel, Elly Lloyd, Scott Instad, Terri Beeman, Pat Tiecke, Judy Hoffman, Pat Pagel, Shirley Roudybush, Dean Stange, Terri Waltman, Rick Whittaker and Denny Kuuriger

Bill Weber

Pat Pagel, Jerry Morgan and Bill Weber

Deb Cohn and Vicki Worst

Ba Ba Ba Barbara Letherby and Deb Cohn

Kate Teraberry and Greg Emlet

Deb Cohn, Jerry Morgan and Linda Steinmetz

Kate Teraberry and Pat Pagel

Staurday Afternoon Get Together:

Dean & Nancy (Pearlman) Vetter, Vicki Worst, Judy Hoffman, Pat Tiecke and Shirley Merchant

Barbara Letherby, Carol Birkhofer, Diane Marley, Connie Krueger and Raymond Wendt (class of 70)


Saturday Night in Paradise

Our Greeting

Left to right: Vicki Worst, Diane Bunker, Ann Jackson, Myrt, Jerry Smith, Mary Ernst, Harry Koch, Elly Lloyd, Judy Hoffman, Linda Steinmetz, Scott Ingstad, Kate Teraberry, Karen Burmeister, Barb Letherby, Tony Gaeta, Rose Jewett, Dean Stange, Beth Ratcliff, Rick Whittaker, Shirley Roudybush and John Danner

Left to right: Donna Seligman, Rick Buster, Pat Burr, Bill Parks, Pat Pagel. Bill Weber, Linds Lohse, Deb Cohn, Valerie Hill, ?, Herm Ferreira, Cindy Ford, Marv Logel, Deb Eichelberger, Tom Welk, Cathy Fletcher, Tony Viner and Vicki Worst

Right Side of Group

Right Side of Group

Entire Group

Left Side of Group

Left Side of Group

Right Side of Group


Mike Grady and Rick Whittaker

Denny Kurriger (my favorite pic)

Tony Gaeta

Ferreira's Backyard


Ferreira's Backyard

Before the crowd

Swimming Pool And Tiki Hut

Tiki Bar

Hot Tub

View from Tiki Hut towards House

Looking towards food Tent

Swimming Pool

Pool and Tiki Bar


Dean Stange (Back) Kathy Batenhorst, Beth Racliff and Pat Pagel

Bill Albright, Deb Cohn, Judy Mull and Diane Cooney

Deb Eichelberger, Diane Bunker, Jessica Ingstad and Pat Burr

Steve and Terri (Waltman) Bockwoldt

Bob MGL Elvis Williamson and Lynette Fishburn

Tom and Tami Welk with ?

Tony gaeta, Gail Blaesing, John Danner, Rose Jewett, Harry Koch and Ed Hamann in back

Bill Parks, Donna Seligman, Rick Buster and Pat Burr

Scott Ingstad (Back) Myrt, Barbara Letherby, Shirley Merchant, Carol Birkhofer and Pat Tiecke at the Wine and Beer Bar

Cathy Fletcher, Tom Welk and Mike Grady

(MHS Class of 68) Tom Bates and Pam Hungate

Denny Kurriger and Mike Grady

Rose Jewett, Myrt, Rick Whittaker and Shirley Roudybush

Jesse Powell (Class of 70), Elly Beechum and Scott Ingstad

Tom Welk

Jack Fishburn, Jerry Smith and Sherry Gerth

Mary Spencer

Denny & Phyllis Kuerger, Dians Nunker, Tom & Kathy Bates and Pam Hungate

Karen Burmeister and Rose Jewett

Vicki Worst, Cathy Chndler (in Back), Mryt's Back and Deb Eichelberger

Deb Cohn

Sharon Murphy and Herm Ferriera

Kathy Curtois, Cindy Ford and Rose Whittaker (Spouse)

Diane Cooney

Elly in back, Herm, Beth Ratcliff and Rick Whittaker

Phyllis and Denny Kuerger

Pam Hungate, Rikc Whittaker and Deb Dore in front

Deb Killian

Sherry Gerth

Deb Killian and Jack Fishburn

Tim and Janet Parish

Cliff Lanfier

Diane Bunker

Dean and Nancy (Pearlman) Vetter and Carol Birkhofer

Irene and Duane Noorwood

Carol Scott and Debbie Dore

Dan Petersen

Debbie Dore

Don Johnson, Tim & Janet Parish and Larry Marine (Spouse)

Tamara Stein and Joe & Connie(Kurriger) Aull

John Danner, Jim Stein, Sharon Alloway, Ed Hicks amd Karen Burmeister

Luann, Diego and Herman Ferriera and Dan Petersen tapping the keg

Jim & Tamara Stein, Cathy Fletcher and Sara Seyb

Kathy Batenhorst, Linda Steinmetz, Pam Hungate, Duane Norwood and Don Johnson on the right

The Pictures from the 47. 5 get together

Ann Jackson, Beth Ratcliff and Peg Fahy

Deb Eichelberger and Pat Furlong

Linda Steinmetz

Jim Stein (Back), Tom Welk, Carolyn Jamison and Karen Burmeister

Terri Waltman (background) Ann Jackson, Jam Fisher and Rose Whittaker (background)

Deb Eichelberger, Diane Marley and Rick Whittaker

Kristine Meyer (Back) Karen Burmeister, Jim Stein (Back), Tom Welk and Carolyn Jamison

Bill Jarrett (back). Cindi Grosjean and Steve Garvin (sitting), Sara Seyb, Terri Waltman, Linda Steinmetz, Kate Terraberry and Jan Fisher

Jan Mosier, Ann Jackson, Jan Fisher and Diane Marley

Ardon Creek WIne Bottle

Judy Hoffman, Dan and Deb Eichekberger Daniello and our lovely Hostess Sara Seyb and Shirley Roudybush

Joe Zeglen and Tom Bates (MHS 68)

Judy Roby, Jan Mosier and Linda Stauffer

Terri Waltman, Kris Toyne and Walter Conlon (back)

Pat Furlong, Greg Emlet and Joe Zeglen (Standing)

Mary Peck and Beth Ratcliff (front)

Brad and Janice Mosier Fear and Dab Eichelberger

Ralph and Deb Eichelberger Daniello

Terri Waltman, Beth Ratcliff and Harry Koch

Becky Fear, Shirley Roudybush and Scott Ingstad

Kristine Meyer and Bill Parks

Greg Emlet, Pat Furlong and Deb Eichelberger

Karen Burmeister, Judy Roby and Terri Waltman

Norb Loos and Becky Fear and Linda Stauffer

Rick Whittaker and Kris Toyne

Tom and Kathy Batenhorse Bates and Cindi Grosjean

Harry Koch and Mary and Gary Whitacre (MHS 70)

Beth Koch and Linda Steinmetz

Herm Ferriera and Greg Emlet

Becky Fear, Shirley Roudybush and Scott Ingstad

Beth Ratcliff and Peg Fahy

Rick Whittaker and Mary Peck

Brad Fear and Gary Hepker (both MHS 70)

Pat Furlong and Beth Ratcliff

Karen Burmeister, Judy Roby and Terri Waltman

Dan Peterson, Mary Peck and Linda Steinmetz

Kristene Meyer and Bill Parks

Linda Steinmetz, Kathy Batenhorse, Cindi Grosjean, Diane Cooney and Mary Peck

Jan Fisher, Rick and Peggy (Koch) Breon

Becky Fear, Kathy Batenhorse, Peg Fahy, Harry Koch, Diane Cooney and Jan Mosier

Diane Cooney, Dan Peterson, Kathy Batenhorse and Harry Koch

Jan Mosier, Bill Parks and Beth Ratcliff

Night settles on Ardon Creek Winery

Night settles on Ardon Creek Winery

Jan Mosier, Ann Jackson. Jan Fisher, Diane Marley, Scott ingstad, Rick and Peggy Breon





45th reunion (Saturday August 2 2014)